The agonies of conventional footwear


What Is Adaptive Footwear Or Adaptives ™?

Rock shoe;  water/camp shoe; mountaineering boot; trail hiker – all of these conventional footwear types, or more, could easily be required on one wilderness outing.  To bring or not to bring – that is the question?

Each pair has unique capabilities so leaving one behind is a compromise while taking them all is a weight penalty. Adaptive Footwear™ overcomes these limitations by exceeding the utility and durability of all four pairs at only one third their total weight.

Adaptive Footwear is not a specific type of shoe or boot. It is a modular system designed to minimize the flaws of classic and conventional footwear made from leather and synthetic fabrics that are stitched or glued together.

It is hard to anticipate all requirements of footwear, and Adaptives do not try to be all things to all people. However, their modular designs are a powerful solution which allows you to upgrade or optimize your footwear at home or in the field.

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